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Introduction into the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator - Handling Tables

CODE: 1V500G

LENGTH: 4 Hours

PRICE: kr1 735,00


Contains: instructional and interactive content, demonstrations and hands-on simulated exercises.

This web based course provides training in the basics of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. The course introduces the student to the product layout and functionality and describes the various ways of storing DB2 data in IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. In addition to IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, it will also teach the student how to set up and work with the IBM Data Studio Accelerator Suite. The demonstrations will explore how tables can be loaded into IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, how to predict if tables could run on the accelerator using special register settings, why queries may not be candidates for the accelerator, how to disable or remove tables from the Accelerator, and finally, demonstrate the monitoring feature that is built-into the accelerator studio view.

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DB2 for z/OS customers looking at speeding up their analytics applications


Participants should have the following skills: • Basic knowledge on DB2 for z/OS  


Topics Covered:• Introduction to the concepts of the IBM Analytics Accelerator• Demonstration on how to get tables into the Accelerator• Running queries on the accelerator• Problem Determination basics demonstration

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03 okt 2023


Web based Training

kr 1 735,00

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