Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Aruba ClearPass Fundamentals


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: kr22 500,00


  • Intro to ClearPass
    • Basic Concepts of Network Access Control
    • ClearPass Use Cases

  • Authentication,Authorization,Accounting
    • Authentication Basics
    • Multi-Level Client Authorization
    • Radius Accounting
    • Configuration of Authentication Sources Including LADP and Active Directory

  • External Connectivity
    • Configuring Network Access Devices
    • Configuring Email Messaging Servers
    • Aruba Security Exchange Integration
    • Integration with Enterprise Mobile Managers

  • EndpointProfiling
    • Device Type Identification
    • Profiling Collectors

  • Roles andEnforcement.
    • Introduction to Services
    • Implementation of Enforcement Logic.
    • ClearPass Role Assignment

  • Configuring Services
    • Service Selection Logic.
    • Implementation of Effective Services in ClearPass

  • WiredAuthentication
    • Wired Access Control
    • Enforcement on Wired Networks.
    • Endpoint Profiling on Wired Networks

  • ConfiguringWebServices
    • Custom Web Content
    • ClearPass Skins Web Templates
    • Custom Informational Webpages

  • Introduction to Guest
  • Guest Access with Captive Portal.
    • Web-Based Authentication
    • Guest Access with MAC Caching.
    • Guest Account Management

  • GuestAccesswith Self Registration.
    • The Self-Service Guest Access Experience.
    • Configuring a Self-Registration Portal.
    • Configuring Self-Registration with Internal Sponsorship


  • We recommend that students have at least an understanding of basic access layer networking, the function of ACL’s and firewall rules.
  • Basic WLAN terminology and concepts.
  • Knowledge of wired and wireless networking design and operations. Knowledge of RADIUS server configuration, 802.1X authentication, AAA, LDAP and Active Directory experience.
  • Students taking this class may complete the following self-paced online courses available to view at no charge on the Aruba Web Site
    • Wired Fundamentals gives a brief overview of the wired networking principles used in Aruba products.
    • Wireless Fundamentals gives a brief overview of the wired networking principles used in Aruba products.

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