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NSE8 - Single Fortinet access to practical exam session



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Network Security Expert Program

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) is a new, 8-level certification program designed for technical professionals interested in independent validation of their network security skills and experience. The program includes a wide range of self-paced and instructor led courses, as well as practical, experiential exercises that demonstrate mastery of complex network security concepts.

The program is open to Fortinet customers, partners and employees and enables participants to fully exploit the power of Fortinet’s network security platform and be recognized in the industry among an elite group of security professionals. NSE 2 and NSE 3 content and certification is restricted to Fortinet employees and partners.

NSE certification will help you:

Validate your network security skills and experience

Demonstrate value to current and future employers

Leverage Fortinet’s full range of network security products, consolidate solutions and reduce risk

As a partner, accelerate sales and offer new services

Successful completion of the NSE Program involves meeting the following objectives for each step of the program. Click on a Level name to get more information about requirements to be recognized at that level.

Level Objective

NSE 1 Develop a foundational understanding of network security concepts.

NSE 2 Develop knowledge and skills to sell Fortinet gateway solutions.

NSE 3 Develop the knowledge and skills required to sell Fortinet Advanced Security solutions.

NSE 4 Develop the knowledge and skills of how to configure and maintain a FortiGate Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance.

NSE 5 Develop a detailed understanding of how to implement network security management and analytics.

NSE 6 Develop an understanding of advanced security technologies beyond the firewall.

NSE 7 Demonstrate ability to troubleshoot internet security issues.

NSE 8 Demonstrate ability to design, configure, install and troubleshoot a comprehensive network security solution in a live environment.


NSE 8 Description

The FortiGate Security Expert designation recognizes a candidate’s broad and in-depth ability to design, configure and troubleshoot network security in complex networks.

NSE 8 Program Requirements

Completion of the Fortinet NSE 8 written exam.

Completion of the Fortinet NSE 8 practical exam.

The written exam is delivered at Pearson Vue sites world-wide. It is offered only in English. A practice exam is available on the Fortinet Learning Center (FLC).

The written exam is a pre-requisite for the practical exam. The practical exam is offered in limited locales. Please see the exam schedule for information about exam opportunities in your area.

Who Should Attempt the NSE 8

The Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 (NSE 8) exams are for those who are truly experts in network security and Fortinet’s suite of security products. The process to prepare for the exam can be costly and very time consuming. In addition to formal training, you should have experience in a variety of complex networks, solving complicated security problems.


The NSE 8 certification is valid for two years. You can re-certify by taking the current written exam at a Pearson Vue test center.

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