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HCNP-Routing & Switching-IENP (Improving Enterprise Network Performance)


LENGTH: 5 day(s)

PRICE: kr34 500,00



Module 1-MPLS

The MPLS working principles

The MPLS configuration

Module 2-MPLS VPN

The traditional VPN models

The working principles of MPLS VPN

The basic configuration of MPLS VPN

Module 3-DHCP

DHCP principles and configurations

DHCP relay principles and configurations

DHCP and corresponding protection mechanisms

Module 4-Mirroring

Mirroring principles

Configure the mirroring function

Module 5-eSight

The background about eSight

eSight installation and uninstallation procedures

The eSight license application process

eSight basic functions

Operations of eSight basic functions

Module 6-Agile Controller

Challenges facing traditional networks

Basic functions and features of the Agile Controller

Agile Controller configuration process

Module 7-QoS

The factors affecting QoS

QoS service models

The implementation of the DiffServ model

The packet classification basis

The process of packet re-marking

The configuration of the classification and re-marking

The implementation of congestion management

Common queue scheduling algorithms

The disadvantages and solution of tail drop

Features of traffic policing and traffic shaping

The configuration of traffic policing and traffic shaping

Module 8-Huawei Firewall

Why we need information security

How to ensure information security

Security issues and risks faced by networks

How to resolve the security issues faced by networks

Firewall basic knowledge and security policy configuration

NAT principle and configuration

Attack defense principle and configuration

Application behavior control principle and configuration

Module 9-VRRP

VRRP principles

The VRRP active/standby switchover

VRRP configurations

Module 10-BFD

BFD implementation

BFD configurations in common application scenarios

Module 11-SDN

The benefits of SDN

The SDN concept and architecture

Ways of SDN evolution for traditional networks

Module 12-VXLAN

Challenges facing data center networks

The basic principles of VXLAN

Basic configurations of SDN-based VXLAN

Module 13-NFV

Basic concepts of NFV

The NFV architecture

The relationship between NFV and SDN

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