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Statistical Processing



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This three-hour course is for power users who want to identify and use transforming commands and eval functions to calculate statistics on their data. Topics will cover data series types, primary transforming commands, mathematical and statistical eval functions, using eval as a function, and the rename and sort commands.


  • What is Data Series
  • Transforming Data
  • Manipulating Data with eval
  • Formatting Data


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To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of the following:

  • How Splunk works
  • Creating Search queries


Topic 1 – What is a Data Series

  • Introduce data series
  • Explore the difference between single-series, multi-series, and time series data series

Topic 2 – Transforming Data

  • Use the chart, timechart, top, rare, and stats commands to transform events into data tables
  • Explore search modes and their effect on search results
  • Topic 3 – Manipulating Data with eval Command

    • Understand the eval command
    • Explore and perform calculations using mathematical and statistical eval functions
    • Perform calculations and concatenations on field values
    • Use the eval command as a function with the stats command
    • Topic 4 – Formatting Data

      • Use the rename command
      • Use the sort command
      • Further Information

        Individuals who enroll in this class will also be enrolled in an (eLearning with Labs) component. Completion of labs and quizzes is required in order to receive proof of completion.

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