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Trend Micro Deep Security Operations Training


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: kr19 500,00


This 2 days’ course provides in-depth information about Deep Security day to day operations, optimization and deployment considerations, as well troubleshooting and performance tuning. The focus is on hands on learning leveraging Trend Micro’s product cloud while exploring common use cases.


Completing this course will enable you to:
• Use Deep Security effectively in day to day operations
• Perform mass agent deployments and upgrades
• Set policies based on specific enterprise requirements
• Implement performance optimization for DS components


This course is designed for IT professionals responsible for protecting networks, data centers and cloud resources from data breaches and targeted attacks.
The individuals who will typically benefit the most include:
• System administrators
• Network engineers
• Integration Engineers

And others involved with:
 - Operations
 - Deployment
 - Security Response
 - Compliance


Before you take this course, Trend Micro recommends attendees to have an understanding of:
• Deep Security, and some hands on experience
• Basic networking concepts and security principles
It is also advantageous if participants have a working knowledge of the following:
• Windows Server administration
• Firewalls and packet inspection
• VMware vSphere, NSX products
• Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure / VMware vCloud


• Deep Security Overview
• Deployment Considerations
• DSR Organisation
• Upgrade Guidelines and Scenarios
• Policies and Inheritance
• Agent Deployment
• Agentless Operations
• Container Protection
• Multitenancy
• Connected Threat Defense
• IPS Ruleset Considerations
• Performance Tuning and Optimisation
• Events, Reporting and Syslog/SIEM integration
• Organisation and Visibility
• Connectors and Rehoming
• Disaster Recovery
• Troubleshooting
• Best Practices

Session Dates