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Symantec CloudSOC Administration R2

CODE: SYM_00032852

LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: kr17 500,00


The Symantec CloudSOC R2 Administration course
provides an overview of the CloudSOC service, covering
initial setup, deployment options and service
configuration. The courseware introduces each topic
with an accompanying workflow and is designed for IT
professionals wishing to develop their knowledge and
skills to manage the Symantec CASB solution.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the major functions of CloudSOC
  • Import Firewall and/or Proxy information to provide granular information on the current behaviours of your end users
  • Configure CloudSOC to monitor data at rest and in motion
  • Create policies to monitor and control what is uploaded and with whom data is shared
  • Describe important integration points with other products within the Symantec Portfolio


 A basic understanding of information security


Module 1: Introduction of Symantec CloudSOC

  • Benefits and challenges of Cloud Applications
  • Problems CloudSOC solves
  • CloudSOC tools, information sources, and traffic flows

Module 2: Configuring the Symantec CloudSOC Portal

    • Basic Navigation
    • Managing Users, Groups, and Access Profiles
    • Administrative Actions in the Settings Menu
    • Auditing administrative actions
    • Configuring Two-Factor Authentication

Module 3: Identifying and Addressing Potential Risks in Cloud Applications

  • Cloud applications and their risks
  • The Cloud Application Discovery and Safe Adoption Lifecycle
  • The CloudSOC Business Readiness Rating
  • Importing firewall/proxy logs
  • Using Audit data to inform policy in ProxySG

Module 4: Identifying How Data is Used and Shared in Cloud Applications

  • Risk of shadow IT and shadow data
  • Risk of malware and advanced threats
  • Configuring CloudSOC to collect cloud-application log data
  • Understanding how CloudSOC monitors data in motion
  • Configuring CloudSOC to monitor data in motion

Module 5: Identifying and Remediating Risky Behavior in Cloud Applications

    • Identifying and remediating risky behavior in cloud applications: overview
    • Understanding and configuring detectors
    • Reviewing anomalous or unauthorized user activity
    • Creating ThreatScore-based policies
    • Protecting data in Cloud Applications
    • Understanding the CloudSOC data protection
    • Using CloudSOC to control data exposure
    • Integrating CloudSOC with Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Module 6: Understanding Reporting Options in CloudSOC and Third-Party Solutions

    • Overview of default CloudSOC reporting
    • Integrating CloudSOC with SIEM solutions

Test and Certification

250-443: Administration of Symantec CloudSOC R2

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