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The Digital Workspace (DW) solution track changes

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Change is good!

The Digital Workspace (DW) solution track is changing to End-user Computing (EUC).

New acronyms and new meanings

The meaning of the certification acronym DTM will also change from Desktop & Mobility to Desktop Management. The good news is that this doesn’t change the current certification content or target audience. The name better reflects the overall domain where the DW and DTM certifications reside.

There will now be two certifications that, by name, will also change. VCTA and VCDX certifications will change to:VCTA-EUC and VCDX-EUC as these two certifications cover DW and DTM.

Other certifications will stay the same since they’re focused on either Workspace ONE (DW) or Horizon (DTM). For example, VCP-DW and VCP-DTM will keep their current names.

The why behind the name change

Both Desktop Management and Digital Workspace certifications are part of the EUC domain, although they each relate to different roles. While both domains relate to managing devices and applications for end users, the purposes, use cases, platforms, hosting and methods are different.

Digital Workspace refers to the Mobility and Unified Endpoint Management space and the Workspace ONE product. The VCP-DW credential is still relevant for those candidates.

Desktop Management refers to the on-prem solution of computer profile management and the Horizon products. So, the VCP-DTM and VCAP-DTM credentials are relevant for those candidates. Historically, DTM stood for Desktop & Mobility, but over time, Mobility became its own domain and separated into the DW solutions.

Who, when and where?

The name change is important for candidates currently holding a VCTA-DW or VCDX-DTM, since the name of their credential will change. It is also important to anyone working in the EUC space and who is interested in earning new certifications.

The change took effect on October 1 with the release of the latest Horizon exam for VCP-DTM.




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