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Arrow offers to help raise the technical level of our partners, taking brand new technicians who need to learn about infrastructure, networking and security, to a high technical level with insight into (central) management, troubleshooting, building networks, operation, maintenance, enhanced security and security/network architecture.

We offer an exciting training series with support all the way.

You are offered sales training to your desired level and in the product areas you require.
In parallel, we create together a Fortinet business plan for 2023.

The course covers NSE4, NSE5 and NSE7 as well as Fast Tracks and other offers which dive down in individual elements. You can participate in just the parts you want. By raising your technical level with Fortinet, you can also raise your partner level with more benefits and better prices as a result.

Coupling certification targets with turnover targets, we ensure our partners are equipped to quickly see ROI by extracting the maximum value from Fortinet solutions.

Progressing through the Academy ensures you will always be invited to various exciting events.

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You can choose to go the whole way starting with an introduction, or get on board at the stage that suits you.


No. Days

Criteria for participation



  • Unboxing
  • Fortinet Initial config
  • Best practice
  • Support handling
  • Demos

1 Day

Here, the only prerequisites are that you have an interest in Fortinet and that you will be well prepared for the NSE4 course.

The following NFR equipment to be used:

  • FG-60F
  • FS-108FPOE
  • FAP-231F
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Network Security Professional (NSE4) Security

2 Days

To participate in this part, you must have knowledge of networks and security in advance, but not necessarily Fortinet.

With NSE 4, you gain the ability to configure, install and manage, as well as handle the day-to-day configuration, monitoring and operation of FortiGate devices to support corporate security policies.

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Network Security Professional (NSE4) Infrastructure


3 Days

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Network Security Analyst (NSE5) FortiManager

2 Days

You must have good knowledge of FortiGates to take NSE 5. NSE 5 gives you the designation of Fortinet Network Security. You will learn how to smartly and easily manage many Gates, as well as provide insight into traffic and events. EMS is FortiClient central management.

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FortiAnalyzer (NSE5) 2 Days
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FortiClient / EMS (NSE5)


2 Days

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Network Security Specialist (NSE6) 1-3 Days The NSE 6 Network Security Specialist designation recognizes a candidate’s comprehensive skills with fabric products, beyond the firewall. This designation is recognized after candidates pass at least four exams associated with the following courses:
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Network Security Architect (NSE7)

3 Days

To participate in this, you must have NSE 4.

With NSE 7, you become a Network Security Architect. You will gain advanced skills in the implementation, administration and troubleshooting of Fortinet security solutions.

NSE 7 courses are applicable to SD-WAN, OT Security and other Fortinet solutions.

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Alongside the above courses, you are invited to participate in Fast Tracks, covering important topics in cybersecurity.
Contact your local Arrow representative to schedule attendance.