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IBM Training Case Study - Accenture

This case study outlines Arrow Education’s approach to delivering customised IBM Green Hat training to Accenture testing consultants.

The Brief

Accenture had an urgent requirement to train over 20 of their testing team on the IBM Green Hat product suite. This was urgent as Accenture needed the skills to support a new customer and project timescales were critical.
The training had to be delivered in London within a month by a qualified instructor.

Green Hat was a new acquisition for IBM and consequently the training fell outside the IBM GSI Agreement. This meant that Arrow Education were not authorised to deliver the training directly. This posed a problem as Accenture had funds available on an Arrow Education Pack but had no training facilities or access to instructors.

The Approach
Arrow adopted a collaborative approach and worked closely with IBM to provide a solution that ensured Accenture’s team were trained within the specified timescales. This involved liaising with the IBM Rational brand team on the specific training requirements, to include agreement on; a modular course outline, materials, schedule of dates and all commercial aspects.
The Solution

Arrow created a service wrapper using IBM Instructors, Arrow Facilities and logistics to enable Accenture to support their end customer. This included:

•    Fully equipped training rooms at Royal Exchange
•    Laptops and access to IBM labs
•    Joining Instructions
•    Printing of all course materials
•    Lunches, tea and coffee
•    Course Evaluations

The Benefits

This approach offered Accenture the following benefits:

•    Customised to specific requirements.
•    Maximised value from training budgets.
•    Gained the requisite skills to support Accenture’s end customer.
•    Reduced time away from the work place.
•    Increased confidence in the products.

Customer Testimonial

Greenhat was a new product in the IBM Portfolio and Arrow could not offer this training.
I was impressed by the reactivity of Arrow and how they worked with IBM SMEs to set up a Greenhat training course when we needed to leverage our testing skill group resource. With very short notice Arrow helped us in training 20 people over 3 weeks.
Feedback from the Accenture delegates was very good - Thank you Arrow!

Herve Sodatonou Channel Manager (Accenture)

About Arrow

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