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BPM Training for Bank

BPM Training Enables UK Bank to Capitalize on SOA Benefits and Greater Operational Efficiencies

This case study outlines Arrow Education’s approach to delivering tailored IBM WebSphere Business Process Manager (BPM) and Operational Decision Manager (ODM) training to a large UK Bank.



The customer, an international bank operating throughout the UK, undertook an Integration Framework project to convert their business applications into a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). IBM Business Process Management (BPM) and IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) are critical components of that framework and positioned as highly strategic. Therefore extensive knowledge on those tools was essential for the overall success of the project.

The requirement was to train the Solution Architects within the bank’s BPM Technology team who are responsible for working with the Operational teams to deliver BPM Applications. The project was still in its early stages and the training was highly business-critical to enabling the roll out of BPM/ODM as a strategic tool.


The customer had a requirement to train 30 of their Solution Architects on BPM & ODM. The objective of the training was to provide a solid understanding of the architecture, capabilities and functionality of BPM & ODM. There were two distinct target audiences, technical and non-technical people. Due to project demands both groups needed to be trained in the same week, classes had to be delivered near the customer locations across the UK, to optimise costs as well as operational demands.

Arrow adopted a collaborative approach and worked closely with the customer and IBM Services Sales to design a tailored delivery plan specific to their requirements. This involved liaising with the Arrow resource team, instructors, IBM and the bank’s technology leads to scope the specific content, to include agreement on a modular course outline with customised dedicated labs and demos to reinforce the topics covered.


Arrow’s solution to meet the bank’s education challenges comprised a detailed training plan for 30 people, targeting two different levels of skills. Furthermore, to allow the students a maximum of focus, all classes were delivered close to the bank’s locations but off site to provide an undisturbed learning experience. The course content was highly customized and included real-world deployment scenarios and live demonstrations. In order to streamline the procurement processes and approval cycles, the customer purchased an Education Pack, covering the full training plan and providing the maximum flexibility.

Benefits, Results

After the technical teams were trained, the bank recorded a highly positive progression of the project and subsequent rollout:

  • Both groups of experts gained the requisite skills & knowledge to take the project from the critical, initial phase to the next step successfully.
  • Because the training plan was highly customized, the students were able to understand and master the new tools in the most efficient way.
  • The delivery of training off site but near work allowed for a maximum of focus during class hours without any additional travel time or cost.
  • Real-world scenarios and practical examples further produced an efficient learning atmosphere and gained confidence in the IBM products, resulting in faster skills enablement and more agile project delivery.
  • Last but not least, the Arrow Education Pack provided real flexibility and cut administration overhead with raising multiple orders and levels of approval, saving time and effort for essential personnel.

Customer Testimonial

“IBM and Arrow worked closely with us to understand and deliver this vital training. They were very supportive throughout the engagement and worked flexibly to meet the needs of all of our team.”

BPM (Business Process Management)
Technology Services Programme Manager