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Citrix when or wherever you want – It’s up to your choice. Take advantage of the different eLearning options Arrow Education provides you with Citrix. It is important you know all Citrix standard Instructor Led Training exist as eLearning option as well.
Citrix eLearning Imagine Citrix training without limitations on access, content, and expert guidance. The new Citrix eLearning take self-paced training to a higher level of convenience, flexibility, and comprehensiveness.

You have 2 options :

1. With the all-access learning subscription -for a full year,
you’ll get unlimited access to the course content, labs, tools, and Citrix expertise you need to prepare for the next step in your career.

Watch the video to see how a subscription can change the way you train on Citrix technologies.


2. For a single eLearning class Use a eLearning On-Demand Course Pass.
The right choice of the eLearning On-Demand Course Pass is related to the duration of the classroom course.
Example: If you want to take the 5-day course CWS-215 as eLearning, then choose the eLearning On-Demand Course Pass - 5 day.
Exception: The CMB-318 Fast Track. For the Fast Track the eLearning On-Demand Course Pass - 5 day Premium is the correct selection.


For more information about the other Citrix Learning options please visit Arrow Citrix.