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TNT – Integration Framework

This case study outlines Arrow Education’s approach to delivering tailored IBM WebSphere Business Process Manager (BPM) training to the TNT Architecture Teams.

Background &  Brief

TNT’s Integration Framework is an Initiative to convert their business applications into a Service-oriented architecture (SOA). BPM is a critical component of that framework.
The requirements were to train the TNT Architects responsible for designing the framework prior to deployment. The project was still in its early stages and the team needed to understand the architecture and capabilities of BPM.
The training was business critical with the next phases of the project highly reliant on its completion.

The Approach

TNT had an urgent requirement to train 12 of their Architects on IBM BPM. The ultimate objective being to provide a solid understanding of BPM’s capabilities and architecture. The training had to be delivered at the customer location within very specific timescales.
Arrow adopted a collaborative approach and worked closely with TNT and IBM Service Sales to arrange a tailored delivery specific to their requirements. This involved liaising with the resource team, instructors, IBM and TNT architects to scope the specific training content, to include agreement on; a modular course outline, content and live demo’s to reinforce the topics covered.
The Solution

Arrow delivered a private class on the customer premises with tailored content to include real-world deployment scenarios and live demonstrations.  The training included:

•    Delivered at the customer location
•    Authorised IBM Instructor
•    Official IBM course materials
•    Live product demonstrations
•    Troubleshooting and debugging tools
•    Course Evaluations

The Benefits

Arrow’s  training offered the following benefits to TNT:

•    Tailored to TNT’s specific requirements.
•    Maximised value from training budgets.
•    Gained the requisite skills and knowledge to take the project to the next phase.
•    Increased confidence in the IBM products
•    Knowledge of the BPM capabilities helped the Architects understand how BPM would fit into their Integration Framework.

Customer Testimonial
“The BPM Overview course was exactly what we needed and the team appreciated the instructor’s depth of knowledge, and his delivery style.
Overall the course was a great success.
As and when we do any further training courses, we would like to have the same instructor deliver them.
Thank you Arrow for organising this course in such tight timescales. “
Ashok Shajpal (Solution Architect)

About Arrow

Arrow has been an authorised provider of IBM training for over ten years and we train over 5,000 delegates every year on IBM solutions.
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