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Introduction to Juniper Mist AI (IJMA)


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: £1,700.00


Duration: 2 days

This two‐day introductory Juniper Mist Cloud training course is designed for network engineers and architects who use the Mist Cloud to build, manage, and maintain their wireless, wired, and WAN networks from anywhere—with a focus on wireless networks.

It involves basic introductions to Mist features such as: Mist APIs, Marvis, location‐based services, cloud services, and monitoring and analyzing the Mist Cloud platform, as well as hands‐on labs with APs.

Students can connect to the Mist Cloud by connecting to the closest Juniper server in the cloud with the appropriate port configuration based on their location.

This is an introductory level course.

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· Describe Mist AI and the Mist Cloud.

· Describe the Mist AI Cloud features and devices.

· Connect to the Mist Cloud.

· Create and manage accounts in the Mist Cloud.

· Manage and configure the Mist Cloud general settings.

· Manage and configure the Mist Cloud secondary settings.

· Manage Mist access points.

· Configure Wired Assurance.

· Use Mist monitoring and analytics tools.

· Use Mist AI Marvis.

· Describe Mist location‐based services and use cases.

· Use the Mist API.

· Explain the help options.


Individuals responsible for onboarding and managing network equipment using Mist Cloud who are also interested in learning more about Marvis, location‐based services, and cloud services.


Day 1

Course Introduction




Introduction to the Mist Management Cloud

· Describe the evolution of AI

· Describe machine learning

· Explain the advantages of Mist AI

· Describe Mist Cloud

Mist Capabilities and Features

· Describe the Mist Wireless Access features

· WAN Edge

· Describe the Mist Wired Access features

· Describe the Mist WAN features

Introduction to the Mist Cloud User Interface

· Examine the Mist Cloud user interface

Lab 1: Accessing the Mist Portal

Creating and Managing Mist Accounts in the Mist Cloud

· Explain how to manage user accounts

· Describe how to manage administrators

Lab 2: Connecting to the Mist Cloud

Mist Initial Configuration

· Describe how to create a Mist organization

· Explain how to manage the Mist organization settings

· Describe how to create and manage a Mist site

· Describe WLAN templates

· Explain how to configure support access

Lab 3: Mist Initial Configuration

Mist Advanced Configuration

· Explain how to add and manage Mist subscriptions

· Describe Mist certificates

· Explain Mist single sign‐on

· Describe the management connection

· Explain autoprovisioning

· Describe Mist Managed Service Provider

· Explain the Manage inventory

· Describe the Installer role






Day 2

Mist Wireless Assurance

· Describe onboard Mist access points

· Explain how to manage Mist access points

Lab 4: Mist Wireless Assurance

Mist Wired Assurance

· Explain provisioning and managing switches in Mist

· Describe configuring switches in Mist

· Describe switch templates in Mist

Mist Monitoring and Analytics

· Describe service‐level expectations (SLEs)

· Explain Mist Insights

· Explain manual packet capture collection

· Describe viewing alerts and audit logs

· Describe viewing network statistics

Lab 5: Mist Monitoring and Analytics

Introduction to Marvis

· Describe Marvis actions

· Explain querying Marvis

Lab 6: Introduction to Marvis

Mist Location-Based Services

· Explain location‐based service (LBS), its components, and methods

· Describe BLE

· Describe vBLE and the Mist way of LBS

· Describe LBS use cases

Mist API

· Explain API concepts

· Describe the Mist RESTful API

· Describe the Mist WebSocket API

· Describe the Mist Webhooks API

Mist Help

· Explain how to access the Mist help page

· Describe how to access the Mist documentation page

· Explain how to find product update information

· Describe how to access the Juniper Mist discussion forum

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07 Mar 2024

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24 Jun 2024

Virtual Training Class - TP



Instructor Led Online

£ 1,700.00