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Protecting SQL Server


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: kr24 000,00


This course covers the deployment of the SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server. In this course, you learn about the features of the plug-in and how to install and perform initial configuration of the plug-in. You learn how to protect, clone, and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases by using SnapCenter software. Through instructor-led presentations, you gain knowledge about these topics. Hands-on exercises provide you with experience in performing these tasks.


  • Describe the features of the Microsoft SQL Server Plug-in
  • List the workflow for using SnapCenter software to protect Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Explain how SnapCenter software uses NetApp technology to protect SQL Server databases
  • Illustrate the recommended NetApp storage layouts to support SQL Server data
  • Describe data protection strategies for SQL Server databases by using SnapCenter software
  • Demonstrate how to configure and perform SQL Server database backups by using SnapCenter software
  • Demonstrate SQL Server database restores that use SnapCenter software
  • Describe cloning strategies that use SnapCenter software and NetApp technology
  • Build alerting and reporting operations for Plug-in for SQL Server


  • NetApp and NetApp Partner Professional Services
  • Systems Engineers
  • NetApp Customers


The following 5 day instructor led class is required..


OT-CLU-DPA - ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection


In addition to the following 3 day instructor led class..


SNAP-C-ADM - NetApp SnapCenter Administration


The SnapCenter Fundamentals free of charge elearning is also required which can be accessed directly from the NetApp Learning Centre.  Please contact us for further help as required


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Module 1: SnapCenter Plug-In for Microsoft SQL Server Overview

  • Features
  • MS SQL server data protection workflow

Module 2: Getting Started with the SnapCenter Plug-In for MS SQL Server

  • Prerequisite tasks for using the Plug-In
  • Installation steps for the Plug-in
  • Plug-in configuration
  • Storage layout recommendations and restrictions
  • Storage design for a virtualized environment

    Module 3: Data Migration

    • Resource wizard
    • Importing from SnapManager software

      Module 4: Creating and Backing up SQL Server Resources

      • Data protection strategy
      • Backing up SQL server databases

        Module 5: Restoring SQL Server Resources

        • Defining a restore strategy
        • Restoring SQL server databases

          Module 6: Cloning SQL Server Databases

          • Defining a cloning strategy
          • Cloning a SQL server database backup
          • Splitting a SQL server cloned database
          • Clone lifecycle management

            Module 7: Monitoring and Managing SQL Server Operations

            • Monitoring operations
            • Canceling a database backup operation
            • Monitoring and managing a thin-provisioned environment
            • Setting thresholds, alerts and reports


              • Configuring SnapCenter and install plug-ins for MS SQL Server
              • Migrating databases
              • Protecting a MS SQL server database
              • Restoring a MS SQL server database
              • Cloning a MS SQL server database
              • Performing management and monitoring tasks by using SnapCenter software and NetApp ONTAP system manager

                Appendix A - Challenge labs:

                • Migrating a database from existing volume to a new volume
                • Configuring backup and replication for the newly migrated database
                • Configuring a clone lifecycle for the development team
                • Performing a point-in-time restore to remove database corruption
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