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Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Amazon Web Services


DÉLKA: 16 Hours (2 DENNÍ)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 74 500,00


Cena kurzu je 2660 GBP a bude přepočtena aktuálním kurzem poslední den školení.

Learn to implement a hybrid cloud solution with Amazon Web Services using NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP®. Connect an AWS Virtual Private Cloud and an on-premises data center to unify your infrastructure. Use NetApp Cloud Manager to move and manage storage in the hybrid cloud. Learn about NetApp cloud services integrated into Cloud Manager to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes containers and enhance data protection, security, and compliance. Learn to optimize capacity and performance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

    Describe how NetApp technologies can be used to build your data fabric

    Configure an AWS VPC and connect it to an on-premises data center with VPN Internet Protocol security (IPsec)

    Describe Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture

    Install Cloud Manager Connector and deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Explain basic system administration tasks with Cloud Manager

    Copy data between NetApp ONTAP system and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS for disaster recovery

    Use data tiering to Amazon S3 for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

    Use Cloud Volumes ONTAP as persistent storage for Kubernetes containers

    Identify performance and sizing options for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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