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Introduction to Informix Terminology and Data Types (v12.10)

Kód: 1X101G

DÉLKA: 2,48 Hours

CENA: Kč bez DPH 6 000,00


This coure is a prerequisite for the IX224 Database Administration course. It introduces students to basic Informix terminology, system access, and data types.

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The audience for this course is beginning Database Administrators and System Administrators who will be taking other Informix classes.

Vstupní znalosti

There are no prerequisites for this course


1. Introduction to Informix terminology

  • Database server
  • Terminology
  • System access and monitoring

2. Introduction to Informix data types

  • Data type
  • Column level encryption
  • Determining data type

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21 čvc 2024


Web based Training

Kč bez DPH 6 000,00

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