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IBM Cognos Analytics for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V3.0.x) eLearning

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This course is intended as an overview of everything an author or analyst can do in the Cognos Analytics service in Cloud Pak for Data. There are other CA courses that go into more detail about each activity, such as reporting, dashboarding, and creating data modules.


• Overview of Cognos Analytics 

• Introduction to reporting 

• Create list reports 

• Create crosstab reports 

• Add visualizations to reports 

• Create dashboards 

• Create explorations 

• Create data modules

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General knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data or you have taken the course 6X336G - IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V3.0.x): Foundations - eLearning WBT


Overview of Cognos Analytics  

• Examine the Welcome page 

• Store and access content (Team content and My Content) 

• Assets you can create 

• Actions you can perform on the assets 


Introduction to reporting 

• Reporting 

• Select a template or theme for the report 

• Add a data source 

• Display the data 

• Choose a report authoring view 

• Navigate and add data to the report 


Create list reports 

• Group data in a list 

• Sort data 

• Format list columns 

• Include list headers and footers 

• Aggregate data 


Create crosstab reports 

• Create a crosstab 

• Add measures to a crosstab 

• Data sources for crosstabs 

• Crosstab peers 


Add visualizations to reports 

• Explore different types of visualizations 

• Customize visualizations 

• Use Map visualizations 


Create dashboards

• Select a template 

• Apply filters 

• Customize tabs 

• Examine pins, visualizations, and widgets 

• Explore the assistant 

• Describe stories and the drill through capability for dashboards 


Create explorations 

• Describe explorations and the exploration process

• Create explorations from a dashboard or a story 

• Create explorations from the menu 

• Explore from a data asset 

• Explore relationships in the data 


Create data modules 

• Describe a data module 

• List sources for data modules 

• Create and modify data modules 

• Create relationship joins 

• Customize and share data modules 

• Group data and create navigation paths

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17 čvn 2024


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