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Linux System Administration with IBM Power Systems

Kód: ZL1_QZD32D

DÉLKA: 16 Hours

CENA: Free


This course addresses Linux system administration tasks necessary to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux specifically on an IBM Power Systems server. The course covers the basics of the Power Systems architecture, virtualization of Power Systems servers, installation and management of Linux on Power Systems, and closes with an introduction to enabling the environment for inclusion in an on-premise private cloud using IBM PowerVC.


  • Summarize the architecture of IBM Power Systems
  • Describe how virtualization works in IBM Power Systems
  • Install and manage Linux on IBM Power Systems
  • Demonstrate an understanding of cloud computing from a technology standpoint
  • Learn fundamentals of moving to a cloud based environment

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Power Systems Administrators

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Administrators

Cloud Administrators

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  1. Introduction to IBM Power Systems
  2. An introduction to virtualization with IBM Power Systems
  3. Setting up Linux distributions on IBM Power Systems
  4. System management strategies
  5. Networking
  6. Software installation
  7. Virtual media library
  8. Introduction to systemd
  9. System initialization
  10. Systemd management operations
  11. Log management

IBM service and productivity tools for Linux

Transitioning to Cloud Computing

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24 kvě 2024


Self Paced Training

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