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IBM TechU FlashSystem and Hybrid Cloud

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This Learning path covers a discussion of many of the latest enhancements introduced in latest releases of IBM Spectrum Virtualize for FlashSystem, Public Cloud, and SAN Volume Controller 


  • Understand the key new features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Understand the Cyber Resilience features and implementation aspects of Spectrum Virtualize with Safe Guarded Copy and QRadar
  • Understand a basic overview of the FlashSystem block storage enclosures with IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Understand the IBM Spectrum Virtualize Cloud offering and how it integrates with your local storage for business continuity
  • Understand the the Spectrum Virtualize Ecosystem and how it fits in with Automation capabilities along with Kubernetes, Ansible, Open Shift and VMware
  • Understand how to shift your applications seamlessly to the Public Cloud
  • Understand the Predictive Monitoring of your storage and SAN Fabrics with Storage Insights

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IBM clients and Business Partners interested in IBM Storage solutions


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19 čvc 2024


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