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Check Point SandBlast Agent


DÉLKA: 8 Hours (1 den)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 25 000,00


Provide an understanding of endpoint security threats and learn the necessary skills to deploy, install, and manage SandBlast Agent.

• Discover the different steps and components involved in modern-day threats.
• Learn how the different attack steps and components undermine traditional signature-based security.
• Understand how endpoints are vulnerable to advanced, more sophisticated threats.
• Identify the different threats that are known to target and bypass traditional endpoint security.
• Discover how SandBlast Agent protects endpoints from sophisticated and unknown attacks.
• Identify the essential components of SandBlast Agent.
• Learn how to perform basic forensic analysis and remediate issues.
• Understand how SandBlast Agent is deployed in the organization.
• Learn how to manage SandBlast Agent and endpoint policies using SmartEndpoint.
• Learn how SandBlast Agent for Browsers secures a user’s web browsing activities.
• Discover the SandBlast Agent for Browsers Zero Phishing technology.
• Identify the difference between SandBlast Agent and SandBlast Agent for Browsers.

Určeno pro

Technical professionals who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades.

Vstupní znalosti

Check Point Security Administration



•    Introduction to Endpoint Security Threats
•    SandBlast Agent
•    SandBlast Agent for Browsers


•    Configuring Active Directory Scanning
•    Deploying SandBlast Agent
•    Using SandBlast Agent Anti-Bot
•    Using SandBlast Agent for Browser
•    Changing and Applying Endpoint Policy


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