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VMware vCloud Director: Design Workshop


DÉLKA: 32 Hours (4 DENNÍ)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 45 000,00


Školení je vedené virtuálně v angličtině.

Cena kurzu je 1 660 EUR a bude přepočtena aktuálním kurzem poslední den školení.

This four-day training course equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to design a VMware vCloud Director® 9.x infrastructure. You will follow a proven approach to design a virtualization solution that ensures availability, manageability, performance, recoverability, and security, and that uses VMware best practices. A case study will guide you through the decision points and policy choices available for designing and implementing vCloud Director. You will learn to appreciate the effects of design choices in VMware vSphere® 6.x, vCloud Director, VMware vCloud® Availability for vCloud Director®, VMware NSX®, and VMware vRealize® Business™ for Cloud, as well as the integration with other VMware and third-party products. You will also learn about self-service provisioning, the effects of organizations, virtual data centers, catalog services, and on-demand NSX networks.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Assess the business and application requirements of the current environment
•  Apply a framework to a design
•  Analyze design choices and best-practice recommendations
•  Create a design that ensures availability, manageability, performance, recoverability, and security
•  Design a vCloud Director environment
•  Design vCloud Director organizations and vApps to satisfy business needs
•  Design vCloud Director catalogs
•  Design networking for organizations and vApps with the help of NSX
•  Discuss customer onboarding scenarios with vCloud Director

Určeno pro

Cloud architects, systems engineers, data center administrators, and cloud administrators with experience in a service provider or managed services environment.

Vstupní znalosti

Completion of the following course is required:
•  VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage or equivalent knowledge

Completion of the following courses is recommended:
•  VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage
•  VMware NSX: Design and Deploy
•  VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
•  VMware vSphere: Design Workshop


1. Course Introduction
Introductions and course logistics
Course objectives

2. Design Principles and Process
Follow a proven process to design and deploy a cloud solution
Define customer business objectives
Gather and analyze business and application requirements
Document design requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks
Use a systematic method to evaluate and document design decisions
Explain the differences between conceptual, logical, and physical designs

3. Service Definition and Standardization
Describe the technical foundation of cloud computing
Explain the deployment models of cloud computing
Describe the essential characteristics of cloud computing
Describe the fundamental service characteristics of a VMware vCloud® solution
Explain IT service concepts
Describe a structured service development process
List the potential components of a service-level agreement
Describe a service catalog offered within a vCloud Director platform

4. vCloud Director Architecture and Components
Describe the vCloud Director architecture
Define sites and availability zones
Review the vCloud Director components and explain their functions

5. vCloud Director Virtual Data Center Design
Describe the design of a provider virtual data center and its relationship to the underlying vSphere infrastructure
Define organizations, organization virtual data centers, networks, storage, catalogs, and vApps

6. Cloud Management and Resource Components
Identify the management components in a vCloud Director environment
Describe the use of management cluster concepts
Design the vSphere, NSX, and necessary storage infrastructure
Define the resource cluster design and use cases
Link definitions to requirements

7. vCloud Director Integrations
Describe the integration with VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™, vRealize Business for Cloud, and VMware vRealize® Operations™
Design integrations with third-party products

8. vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
Describe the vCloud Availability for vCloud Director architecture
List the prerequisites of vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
Implement vCloud Availability for vCloud Director

9. Customer Onboarding
Describe tenant layer 2 VPN access
Describe tenant SSL VPN access
Import existing VMware vCenter Server® managed infrastructure into vCloud Director

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