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VMware Cloud Foundation: Plan and Deploy [V4.0]


DÉLKA: 16 Hours (2 DENNÍ)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 22 000,00


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This two-day course introduces the concepts and architecture of VMware Cloud Foundation™ to prepare students for a successful deployment. This course explains how to design and size your infrastructure for the management components and for workload domains in preparing for VMware Cloud Foundation deployment. This course provides instruction on planning and designing the physical network, a key preparatory step for VMware Cloud Foundation. This course describes how to plan for, and execute, the VMware Cloud Foundation bring-up process and explains how to image VMware ESXi™ hosts for use in VMware Cloud Foundation using the VMware Imaging Appliance.

Live labs provide hands-on experience to help understand key course objectives.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
•  Describe VMware Cloud Foundation architecture
•  Determine appropriate Management Domain and Workload Domain sizing
•  Describe design implications of VMware Cloud Foundation standard or consolidated architecture
•  List requirements for VMware Cloud Foundation deployment
•  Describe the VMware Cloud Foundation bring up process
•  Use the deployment parameter sheet to define infrastructure details
•  Perform VMware Cloud Foundation bring up
•  Describe physical and virtual networking considerations
•  Outline VMware Cloud Foundation storage options
•  Plan for solution integration with VMware Cloud Foundation
•  Use the VMware Imaging Appliance to image ESXi hosts
•  Describe VMware Cloud Foundation multi-instance federation

Určeno pro

Experienced solution architects, system integrators, and consultants responsible for designing and deploying VMware Cloud Foundation.

Vstupní znalosti

This class requires system administration experience with VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX-T Data Center deployments or completion of one of the following courses:
•  VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V7]
•  VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V7]
•  VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V3.0]

Experience with VMware NSX® Data Center for vSphere® or VMware NSX-T™ Data Center is also recommended.


1  Course Introduction
•  Introductions and course logistics
•  Course objectives

2  VMware Cloud Foundation Overview
•  Describe how VMware Cloud Foundation solves Data Center challenges
•  Describe VMware Cloud Foundation architecture
•  Discuss VMware Cloud Foundation standard and consolidated design

3  Design & Size
•  Determine appropriate management domain sizing
•  Determine appropriate workload domain sizing
•  Consider shared vs dedicated NSX-T Manager design

4  Day Zero and Day One Tasks
•  Describe requirements for VMware Cloud Foundation deployment
•  Discuss the VMware Cloud Foundation bring up process
•  Review and complete the deployment parameter sheet
•  Perform the VMware Cloud Foundation bring up
•  Navigate the SDDC Manager user interface
•  List day one tasks

5  VMware Cloud Foundation Underlay
•  Describe a hierarchical network underlay design for VMware Cloud Foundation
•  Describe a spine and leaf network underlay design for VMware Cloud Foundation
•  Compare different NSX Edge placement options
•  Describe workload domain rack designs
•  Describe VMware Cloud Foundation principle storage options
•  Consider VMware Cloud Foundation design for enterprises and service providers
•  Discuss design considerations for solutions, including vSphere with Kubernetes and vRealize Suite

6  VMware Imaging Appliance Service
•  Describe host imaging methods
•  Discuss host imaging process with VMware Imaging Appliance service (VIA)
•  Configure VIA for host imaging
•  Image an ESXi host using VIA

7  VMware Cloud Foundation Multi-Instance Federation
•   Describe VMware Cloud Foundation multi-instance federation
•  List multi-instance federation configuration maximums
•  Discuss design considerations for multi-instance federation

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