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Integrating Hybrid Clouds Foundation


DÉLKA: 8 Hours (1 den)

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This course describes the features and benefits of the NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® system. The course helps enable you to explain the architecture and functionality of cloud based ONTAP storage. Also, the course introduces basic administration, configuration, and management of the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system that uses NetApp BlueXP™ (formerly NetApp Cloud Manager).


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

• Summarize the components of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system
• List the deployment topologies and options
• Identify the various management methods and interfaces
• Distinguish how data is managed in a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system
• Distinguish how to add working environments
• List the features that can be used to manage or protect Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Azure NetApp Files, NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, and NetApp ONTAP software resources in a cloud-only or hybrid cloud environment
• Explain the features and benefits of BlueXP
• List the various BlueXP deployment options
• Summarize the NetApp cloud service integrations that are available in BlueXP

Určeno pro

Storage administrators of any experience level

Vstupní znalosti

A basic knowledge of ONTAP 9 software, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud is recommended.


Module 1: Introduction to the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

Lesson 1: NetApp BlueXP and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
Lesson 2: Geographies
Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP use cases


Module 2: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture

Lesson 1: Disk types and tiering
Lesson 2: Storage management
Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP types


Module 3: Introduction to NetApp BlueXP

Lesson 1: NetApp BlueXP


Module 4: How to deploy the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

Lesson 1: Deploying the connector
Lesson 2: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in AWS
Lesson 3: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in Azure
Lesson 4: Deploying the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in Google Cloud


Module 5: Managing the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP system

Lesson 1: Managing the working environment
Lesson 2: Using ONTAP System Manager


Module 6: Integrations to protect cloud resources

Lesson 1: Integrated data protection
Lesson 2: Integrated data protection services
Lesson 3: Integrated data privacy services


Module 7: Additional cloud services integrations

Lesson 1: Kubernetes
Lesson 2: Classification
Lesson 3: Tiering
Lesson 4: Observability
Lesson 5: Edge caching
Lesson 6: Cloud operations (CloudOps)
Lesson 7: NetApp Active IQ Digital Advisor and discovery
Lesson 8: Backup and recovery
Lesson 9: Merging NetApp SnapCenter into BlueXP
Lesson 10: Remediation

Navazující kurzy

This 1 day course provides an introduction to the following two cloud courses..

UNCMMAZ - Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Microsoft Azure

DF-HCL-I - Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Amazon Web Services

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27 bře 2023

Virtual Classroom



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