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ONTAP SAN Implementation 9.8

Kód: NEP_OT-SANI 9.8

DÉLKA: 24 Hours (3 dní)

CENA: Kč 74 700,00


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In this course, you learn the installation process for NetApp® ONTAP® 9 data management software for a SAN environment.


The course provides information about block-level protocols, including FC, FCoE, NVMe, and iSCSI, on Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and VMware ESXi host operating systems. The learning is reinforced through hands-on guided exercises.


The course materials include a workbook that serves as an on-the-job reference guide.


• Define and describe SAN environments  that use iSCSI, FC, FCoE, and NVMe protocols
• Examine FC switch fabric, LUN masking, and zoning
• Create and configure storage VMs (storage virtual machines, also known as SVMs) to use FC and iSCSI protocols
• Configure Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and ONTAP systems for iSCSI connectivity
• Configure Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and ONTAP systems for FC connectivity
• Create and access a LUN from a Windows Server and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server

Určeno pro

Professionals who implement SAN solutions that use NetApp storage systems

Vstupní znalosti

• Certification as a NetApp Data Management Administrator
• Working knowledge of ONTAP 9 software and storage area networking
• Completion of the following courses:
– ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals
– ONTAP SAN Fundamentals
– ONTAP Cluster Administration

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09 dub 2023

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