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IBM FileNet P8 Platform Essentials (V5.5.x) SPVC

Kód: ZL1_F2809

DÉLKA: 1 day

CENA: Kč 7 200,00


Contains: PDF course guide, as well as a lab environment where students can work through demonstrations and exercises at their own pace.


This course introduces you to the key concepts of IBM FileNet P8 Platform such as architecture, P8 domain structures, organizing the content across the enterprise, and security. Includes information to manage logging, auditing, and storage areas. 


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• Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform
• Architecture and domain structures
• Configure logging
• Configure auditing
• Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform security
• Manage storage areas
• Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 content services containers
• Organize content across the enterprise

Určeno pro

This course is for administrators and users who are responsible for administrating and configuring IBM FileNet P8 Platform.

Vstupní znalosti

• Familiarity with enterprise content management concepts.


Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform features 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform components 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform solutions 

Architecture and domain structures 
• Explore the core IBM FileNet P8 Platform applications 
• Locate P8 domain structures 
• Use IBM Content Navigator  

Configure logging 
• View and archive system logs 
• Configure trace logging 

Configure auditing 
• Create audit definitions  
• Prune audit entries  

Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform security 
• Identify access issues  
• Change direct security of an object 
• Customize security access 

Manage storage areas 
• Create a file storage area 
• Create a storage policy 
• Create an advanced storage area 

Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 content services containers 
• IBM FileNet P8 content services containers 
• Benefits of containers 
• Considerations when choosing containers 

Organize content across the enterprise 
• Multitenancy considerations 
• Isolating content in an IBM FileNet P8 platform system 

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