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StorageGRID Software Troubleshooting


DÉLKA: 24 Hours (3 DENNÍ)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 71 000,00


Školení je vedeno virtuálně v anglickém jazyce ve školicím středisku Arrow v Anglii.

Cena školení je 2 660 GBP bez DPH - tato cena bude při fakturaci přepočtena aktuálním kurzem.

In this course, students learn troubleshooting skills to support the implementation and lifecycle management of NetApp StorageGRID software.  Through theoretical explanations and hands on exercises, delegates will learn to control the architecture, option, services and features of the StorageGRID system


Students will also learn about the security and authenticaion mechanisms, logging and monitoring resources and Apache Cassandra implementation.  Additionally, the processes to expand and upgrade the system, FabricPool technology plus investigating Simple Storage Services (S3) issues.


• Understand the networking architecture of a StorageGRID deployment
• Describe the load-balancing features of StorageGRID
• Review the StorageGRID services and ports
• Understand the impact of the StorageGRID options
• Understand the Cassandra implementation in StorageGRID
• Review the StorageGRID security and authentication mechanisms
• Define the StorageGRID logging and monitoring resources
• Review the expansion and upgrade processes
• Examine FabricPool technology with StorageGRID
• Investigate S3 issues with StorageGRID

Určeno pro

Professionals & Engineers who use or implement StorageGRID solutions (from all audience types).  Supporting the following job roles..

  • Systems Administrators
  • System Operators
  • System Engineers

Vstupní znalosti

• 6 to 12 months of StorageGRID experience
• The NetApp StorageGRID Implementation Engineer accreditation (see NetApp Accreditation link below)
• Good knowledge of Simple Storage Service (S3)
• StorageGRID Troubleshooting Essentials (via NetApp Learning Center link below)
• DataStax DS101 and DS201 training courses


NetApp Accreditation Details



NetApp Learning Center



Module 1:StorageGRID networking
StorageGRID network topology
Examining StorageGRID network architecture



Module 2:StorageGRID software concepts
• Grid node services
• Managing node services
• StorageGRID configuration options
Exploring nodetool commands



Module 3:StorageGRID logging and monitoring
• StorageGRID service log files
• StorageGRID audit logging
• Log analysis
• Log forwarding
Managing StorageGRID logs



Module 4: Troubleshooting Cassandra
• Cassandra fundamentals
• Cassandra startup
• Nodetool
Examining Cassandra fundamentals



Module 5:TroubleshootingStorageGRID decommission,expansion and upgrade
• StorageGRID decommissioning
• StorageGRID expansion process and issues
• StorageGRID major version upgrade
Decommissioning and upgrading



Module 6: StorageGRID authentication and user management
• StorageGRID authorization and authentication
• StorageGRID multitenancy implementation
Configuring StorageGRID authentication



Module 7:Troubleshooting StorageGRID security issues
• StorageGRID security
• StorageGRID system hardening
• Certificate-related Issues
Troubleshooting StorageGRID authorization



Module 8:StorageGRID performance troubleshooting
• StorageGRID performance factors
• Identify performance bottlenecks
Examining StorageGRID performance details



Module 9:ONTAP FabricPool with StorageGRID
• FabricPool object store
• Investigate object store unavailability
• Troubleshooting connection issues
• Object store access issues
Troubleshooting ONTAP FabricPool technology



Module 10:Troubleshoot S3 client and application issues
• Troubleshoot S3 request failures
• S3 request logging

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