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Symantec Web Isolation Planning, Implementation, and Administration R2

Kód: SYM_000195

DÉLKA: 8 Hours (1 den)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 11 000,00


The Symantec Web Isolation Planning, Implementation, and Administration R2 course provides a detailed introduction to Symantec’s two cloud-based isolation services: High Risk Isolation (HRI) and the Web Isolation dedicated tenant. The course includes implementation of the key protection scenarios with both Web Security Service and the ProxySG, as well as a description of the functions available in the Web Isolation management console.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the major Web Isolation functions and
  •  Write policies to selectively isolate risky and
    uncategorized websites, allow privileged users
    greater access, and defend against phishing and
    ransomware attacks
  •  View reports and monitor solution performance

Vstupní znalosti

  •  Basic understanding of networking concepts
  •  Basic understanding of network security concepts
  •  Basic understanding of the use of proxy servers


Module 1: Introduction to Symantec

Web Isolation

  • The need for a web isolation solution
  • Symantec Web isolation—Protection without detection
  • High Risk Isolation web traffic protection
  • Web Isolation dedicated tenant web traffic protection

Module 2: Implementing Web Isolation

  • Implementing Isolation with Web Security Service
  • Implementing Isolation with the ProxySG

Module 3: Administering the Web Isolation dedicated tenant

  • Web isolation management console overview
  • Removing active content from webpages
  • Isolating links embedded in email to defend against phishing attacks
  • Enabling safe file download protections
  • Working with applications remotely

Module 4: Viewing reports and monitoring performance

  • Viewing reports
  • Monitoring performance

Module 4: Integrating Web Isolation with DLP, CloudSOC Mirror Gateway, and Email

  • Integrating Web Isolation with DLP
  • Integrating Web Isolation with CloudSOC Mirror Gateway
  • Integrating Web Isolation with Symantec Email
  • Integrating Web Isolation with third-party providers

Module 5: Course review

  • Symantec Web Isolation course revie

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