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Symantec Web Protection - Cloud SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration R1

Kód: SYM_000208

DÉLKA: 16 Hours (2 DENNÍ)

CENA: Kč bez DPH 22 000,00


The Symantec Web Protection - Cloud SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration course is intended for IT professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring or administering the Symantec Cloud Secure Web Gateway.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

Describe the architecture, components and process flow of Cloud SWG
Identify installation, configuration and administration of the core features and products of Cloud SWG.
Identify the key elements for planning a Cloud SWG deployment

Vstupní znalosti

Working knowledge of cloud based solutions
Knowledge of internet traffic protocols
Basic understanding of principles of authentication


Module 1: Cloud Delivered Security

What is Cloud Delivered Security
What are the Key Considerations for Having Cloud Delivered Security
What are the Key Features Needed for Cloud Delivered Security

Module 2: Cloud SWG Connection Architecture and Functionality
Cloud SWG Infrastructure
Cloud SWG Connection Architecture
Cloud SWG Features
Cloud SWG Additional Products

Module 3: Getting Started with Cloud SWG
Initial Registration
User Administration
Data Privacy Settings

Module 4: Enable Remote Users to Securely Access the Internet
Remote Users and Solutions
WSS Agent Access Method
Web and Cloud Access Protection Access Method
Cloud Connect Defense (CCD) Access

Module 5: Provide Safe and Proper Web Usage Based on User Identity
Authentication and Cloud SWG
Auth Connector
Remote Authentication Methods with Auth Connector
Authentication with WSS Agent and Web and Cloud Access Protection Access Methods

Module 6: Create a more Effective Work Environment for Employee Web Usage
Configure Content Filtering Rules to Determine
Internet Usage
Setting Global Content Filtering Policy Rules
Creating Custom Response Pages
Universal Policy Enforcement

Module 7: Providing Web Protection Against Malware
Cloud SWG Threat Protection
Malware Analysis and Cloud SWG
Threat Protection Policies
Creating Threat Protection Policy Rules

Module 8: Enable Encrypted Traffic Inspection
Encrypted Traffic
SSL Configuration
Configuring SSL Exceptions
Topic Title

Module 9: Enable Corporate Users to Securely Access the Internet
Firewall/VPN (IPsec) Access Method
FQDN-IKEv2 Firewall Access Method
TransProxy (Explicit Proxy Over IPsec) Access Method
Proxy Forwarding Access Method

Module 10: Identify Web Usage and Security Statistics with Reports
Reports Overview
Pre-defined Reports
Simple Reporting
Custom Reporting
Forensic Reporting
Managing and Using Reports

Module 11: Enable Mobile Users to Securely Access the Internet
About Mobile Device Security
Authentication for Mobile Users
SEP-Mobile Solution
Android Mobile Access Enrollment Process

Module 12: Planning Cloud SWG Deployments
Assessment of Needs
Design – Access Methods and Authentication
Design – Policy, Reporting and Threat Protection
Design Evaluation

Zkoušky a certifikace

Exam 250-554: Administration of Symantec Web Security Service – R1.2

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