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IBM TechU Introducing Power10

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This Learning Path covers the new advances in Power Systems technology with Power10. This includes skills and knowledge in the following topics: key features and characteristics of the Power10 microprocessor and hardware such as new IO and memory offerings, Enterprise AI, Inferencing with the Matrix Math Assist, SR-IOV and vNIC enhancements, Security and Compiler updates.


  • Understand how IBM is accelerating Digital transformation with Power10
  • Learn about the Power10 processor and the new E1080 system 
  • Learn about new IO and Memory offerings for Power10 
  • Understand about Inferencing on Power10 with the new Matrix Math Assist 
  • Gain an overview of the new Security Advancements in Power10 
  • Learn about Power10 and IBM's Enterprise AI Strategy 
  • Describe the benefits of running Oracle Databases and Applications on Power10 Technology 
  • Discuss the Key Benefits of a Power10 Hybrid Cloud Environment 
  • Gain an understanding of the brand new compilers available on Power10 
  • Learn about PowerVM SR-IOV and vNIC updates, best practice and what's new with Power10

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IBM Power Systems Administrators, Architects and Developers interested in learning the new features and functionality in Power10


Accelerating Digital transformation with Power10Linux on Power roadmap and Power10 supportIntroducing the Power10 SystemIBM Power10 and Enterprise AI Strategy The Power10 ProcessorIO and Memory offerings Update for POWER9 and Power10Security Advancements in Power10: The Gold Standard for Data ProtectionPower10 First Look from Hands-On ExperiencePowerVM SR-IOV and vNIC: Best practice and what's new with Power10Inferencing on Power10 - Matrix Math AssistPower10 for Oracle : IT Benefits and Business SavingsKey Benefits of a Power Hybrid Cloud EnvironmentBrand new compilers available on Power10: getting the best of both LLVM and IBM optimization

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23 kvě 2024


Web based Training

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