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IBM TechU Storage Hardware for System Z

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This learning path covers IBM flagship DS8900F and TS7700 storage products, an overview of each product and enhancements added to these products.


  • Review IBM DS8900f and TS7700 Portfolio 
  • Understand Flash Options for DS8900f 
  • Understand how SafeGuarded Copy can protect your data 
  • Understand how Hyperlinks can improve performance 
  • Describe TS7700 Object Store for DS8000 TCT benefits 
  • Discuss TS7700 Best practices 
  • Discuss Cloud storage Tier for DR 

Určeno pro

IBM Z clients and Business Partners interested in IBM Storage solutions.


IBM DS8900F and IBM Z - Integrated by DesignOptimizing Flash Price Performance on the IBM DS8900FSizing Safeguarded Copy and Space-Efficient FlashCopy on the IBM DS8000zHyperlink: New features and real-world experiencesIBM DS8000: Meet the Experts IBM TS7700 Object Store for DS8000 TCT - All New Advanced Object Store Feature!IBM TS7700 Technical OverviewTS7700 best practicesHow to Make the Best of IBM’s TS7700 Virtual Tape SolutionIBM TS7700 Cloud Storage Tier for Disaster Recovery and Cyber ResiliencyMeet the experts behind IBM's TS7770 enterprise Virtual Tape Library for zSystems

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18 čvn 2024


Web based Training

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